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Spheroidized Annealing Workshop

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.. Equipment:
We adopt the full hydrogen bell-type annealing furnace from Germany
LOI.We now have 2 bases 、 1 heating hoods 、1 cooling hoods and 1 inner hoods. The whole process of device type with PLC control technology, with the precision of the sensing element to ensure the accuracy of the annealing process of globalization and security

Quality Guarantee:
We adopt the high purity hydrogen protection method, which can do the
Quick heat conduction ,even heating and the productivity is high.
The surface of the wire is smooth, there are no-oxidization and no-decarburization .The steel wire after the inspection of metallographic structure(grain 、spheroidized rate and decarburization)
Mechanical property (HRB、 TS 、Elongation and RA),to ensure 100% qualified products to enter the next process .

The staff in the Spheroidized annealing workshop have much experience
And technical strength. We now have 4 staffs who have the bachelor’s degree , one staff has the colleague degree and technical personnel.
They provide a powerful technical support for the production.

3000 T per month

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